a journey in song.

Born and raised outside New York City, Sean Marshall has since resided at the Jersey Shore, the Midwest, and now the Mountain West. His experience across diverse landscapes and audiences has only enriched his eclectic vision of America and its people, demonstrated by songs rooted in classic folk structures, colored by indie rock textures, and laced with country ambience.

  • Songwriting
  • Studio Performance: guitar, bass, piano
  • Production
  • Live Performance
  • Private Events

Some albums I’ve worked on:

Stay Sweet, Shawnda’s Daughter (2023)
Producer, Songwriter, Guitar, Bass, Keys
Building off a list of lyrics composed by country singer Lindsay Jordan, I developed the core of these songs into a cohesive album’s worth of material that fully realized Lindsay’s lyrical, sonic, and emotional vision.

West Taylor, West Taylor (2023) Producer, Guitars Weston and I had collaborated on so many other records together that I felt it was time for him to present his own songs to the world. After encouraging him to get started, I used my production role to assign players, studio, and engineers. I also helped organize instrumentation and performed on his already beautifully-crafted songs.

Listen to “Winter” (performing bass guitar)

Past Life View, Sean Marshall (2022) Songwriter, Producer, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums

With limitations presented by COVID, I stripped down the personnel and ambitiously sought a more complex genre classification with an eclectic group of songs on my 3rd LP.

Listen to Past Life View

Kitchen Tapes, Lindsay Jordan (2022)
Songwriter, Guitars
Taking songwriting and production roles on this project, I helped Lindsay put her words and voice to songs that get the message and feeling across, while pulling from her biggest influences, to make a coherent set of songs.

Listen to The Kitchen Tapes

Practical, Sean Marshall (2019)
Songwriter, Singer, Guitar, Producer
After a series of complex projects, I wanted to simplify and get back to focusing on my lyrics, my instrument, and my voice. I put my trust in my band. The result was my most successful solo album to date.

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Stranger Roads, Gallon House Congregation (2015)
Songwriter, Singer, Guitar
A collaborative group with many moving parts, Gallon House brought me on to contribute some new songwriting to their already-building catalog.

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blah blah, Lightning Jar (2014) Songwriter, Singer, Guitar We did this 5-song EP as a live performance record, done in just one day at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, NJ. All parts were done live, with the exception of vocal harmony overdubs.

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So Long Traveler, Lightning Jar (2012) Songwriter, Singer, Guitar, Organ, Piano My first studio album, my folk trio Lightning Jar was hired on speculation by a producer at Red Bank, NJ’s Retromedia Studios. This process, while long and meticulous, taught me everything I know about tracking live in a professional recording studio, and tested my musical abilities on multiple instruments.

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