Past Life View available now

the new album. a wider lens, a deeper sound.

bad view, live from Oranjudio

Past Life View

track listing

  1. bad view
  2. glucose
  3. dumb
  4. bowery
  5. traveler
  6. place to go
  7. let you down
  8. slowly walkin’ back
  9. hold on
  10. past life view

Copyright 2022 @ Sean Marshall (BMI)

about the album

For his third full-length record, Marshall allowed both the composition and recording of its songs to be led by a more spiritual compass. 

The result is an all-out embrace, of both a more colorful sonic palette and a broader, more loving lyrical perspective of life, its conflicts, and its characters. 

In Past Life View, Marshall takes his listeners on a drive through an eclectic and vast catalogue; it’s a ride fueled by love and gratitude that begins in the city, excursions to the country, and cruises to its conclusion at a coastline vista.

Past Life View releases on September 16 on Space Canoe Records. To request a press kit with album preview, contact

This is absolutely Sean Marshall’s finest work yet, people.

-Lazlo, BlowUpRadio